We bring the comfort of home – to college.


Roomie provides college students with better furniture options to help them lead a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle at school, all delivered right to their room.



We realized that college students not only lack quality alternatives to dormitory furniture, but also face significant costs in owning furniture  particularly for maintenance, delivery, moving, and storage. 

We set out to provide a premium rental service for America's college students, centered around our flagship product, the Roomie Bed  a cozy, wider, full-size alternative for your homebase in college.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and an expanding community of users, Roomie proudly serves students at 25 colleges across the country.


Most college students aren't getting Quality sleep.

ROOMIE Beds Provide Better sleep And better balance.

Daytime sleepiness, sleep deprivation, and irregular sleep schedules are highly prevalent among college students, as 50% report daytime sleepiness and 70% attain insufficient sleep.
— Shelley Hershner & Ronald Chervin, Professors of Neurology at the University of Michigan (2014)


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