our fan-favorite bed is available now.

Your bed is your home base in college, your constant that starts and ends each and every day. Our premium 9” mattress will ensure a comfortable and restful sleep each night.

-  9" plush full mattress and condensed box spring
-  A soft mattress cover
-  Modern metal frame


Your General Manager: Toby meyers

Roomie's branch at Bates College, also known as Cozy Cat Rentals, is run by Toby Myers. Toby is a Rhetoric Major from Sacramento California. He loves adventure sports like rock climbing and whitewater rafting, painting, eating good food, and perhaps most of all getting a good nights sleep. While the Maine Woods satisfy his desire for adventure, and Commons does a solid job on food most of the time, he knows the standard crusty blue Bates mattress just doesn't cut it.