The General Manager cooperates with the Roomie team on strategy, raises brand awareness, executes sales and marketing plans, acts as an ambassador for any customer needs, and oversees the logistics of pick-up, delivery, and storage. The GM is compensated when items are picked up, delivered, and when customer service is provided – and receives a signing bonus and bonuses for exceptional performance.



  • Capable leader – able to take initiative and oversee a team operation
  • Problem-solver – passionate and analytical about business problems
  • Clear communicator & team player – reliable partner of management at HQ
  • Current freshman, sophomore, or junior


  • Enthusiastic about improving student life at your school


    • Represent the company within the local community
    • Initiate marketing campaigns and develop strategies for growth
    • Oversee delivery and pick-up operations with logistics team
    • Deliver an exceptional customer experience for Roomie customers
    • Collaborate with management on overall Roomie sales and operations strategy


    • GMs receive a signing bonus, an operational bonus, and significant incentives to the grow the business on campus.
    • GMs are compensated per furniture item delivered, picked up, and customer care matter resolved.


    • Most of the work will be on move-in and move-out days, and in the late summer.
    • Ongoing check-ins with management