No monkey business
Just the Perfect Mattress.

We're roomie, your new roommate.

The kind you’ve always dreamed of: supportive, honest, punctual, and laid-back.

We know that moving to a new spot after college is supposed to be fun. But shopping for a new bed? Not so much.

That’s why we spent 7 years creating the perfect mattress. It’s ridiculously comfy, with a flippaple soft-firm design. Plus, we make it easy to order so it arrives just in time.

All at a price you won’t lose any sleep over.

Creature comfort at an unreal price.

Seems too good to be true, we know. By only focusing on the needs of graduating seniors, we keep costs low. No middlemen, no marketing campaigns, and no crazy mark-ups.

Ready for when you move in.

Just tell us when and where, and we’ll be there. Kinda like that one friend who always shows up early. In a good way.

Nomads welcome

Wherever you're living, we've got you covered. We make a great night's sleep easy, convenient, and based around your schedule.

Transparent Pricing

Traditional luxury without the markup.

The classic mattress industry wants you to think expensive is better, with a 10x markup to boot. We saw that we could go to the same factories as the big players, and sell the best stuff in a simpler, more honest way.

Curious? Try us for a full moon cycle.

Get roomie in your home for 30 nights, risk free. If you’re not feeling it, we’ll take it back. No strings attached.