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Didn't lift a finger

I ordered and the bed was delivered and set up in my room the day I got to campus. Ridiculously easy!

Best decision I've made in a long time

After coming out of storage this summer, my topper was disgusting. I'd always thought renting from Middorm seemed expensive, but this was so worth it

Dartmouth upgrade

Such a clever idea. So happy I finally rented, couldn't take one more time fixing my topper on the twin mattress

Sleeping correctly

My back used to really hurt sleeping on the school bed (even with a nice topper), but a couple weeks after renting this roomie, I'm feeling so much better

Roomie On Campus Rental
Rachel Hennein
Pleased w/ purchase

Firm, well-made mattress. I searched all over for a high quality topper but then came across roomie. SO much better because you not only get something more comfortable, but also get MORE SPACE!

No waste!

I threw out my foam topper last year and felt so badly about putting all of that foam in the garbage. Love that there's no foam waste with roomie.

Roomie On Campus Rental
Marybeth Ostendorf
Topper be gone

I haaaaatttteedd buying mattress toppers. It would always fall off the bed or get off center. So glad I'm done with Walmart toppers

Dorm feels like a real bedroom

Leaving my amazing bed is one of the hardest parts of coming back to campus. While this isn't quite as comfortable it is 100 times better than the dorm bed

Roomie On Campus Rental
Reilly Johnson
Love this thing!

I was a little nervous about renting as buying a Walmart topper is so much cheaper. But this was 100% worth it. The quality is really amazing - the only downside is it's harder to get out of bed!

Can't get enough

I'm over 6 feet and sleeping in the twin bed didn't work for me. I can finally get comfortable in bed

Perfect Sleep at Last

This mattress is a drastic improvement the dorm one (even with a tempurpedic topper), which had long overstayed its welcome. I spent the first few days practically unable - or unwilling - to leave the bed, it was so comfortable. I tried, but it kept calling me back.

Love love love

Most comfortable bed I've ever slept on. The design is so genius / perfect for the dorm

Toppers are done for

Can't believe that I slept on a topper for 3 years - this blows it out of the water

Amazing upgrade

I hate the dorm bed, even with an expensive topper. This is so much more comfortable and is spacious

Life, changed

I've made a lot of bad decisions in college, but this isn't one of them. So comfortable and spacious

Roomie On Campus Rental
Sophie Kligler
So lit

SOOOOOO much better than the school mattress (even with an expensive topper) - what's more important than sleep?

I had a roomie mattress for 3 years at bates college and it was the best money I’ve ever spent

The roomie Mattress
Kristen Begor
Happy customer!

Great mattresses - Great prices!!!



The bed is so comfy and was delivered on time. Would recommend!

The roomie Mattress
Casey Williams

Came before it was supposed to and feels great!

The roomie Mattress
Geoffrey Streeter
Amazing Bed

My experience with Roomie was excellent! The website was easy to navigate, I received several emails/information about my order and it arrived exactly when it was supposed to. When I opened the bed it was exactly as described on the website and is very comfortable! It is the perfect mix of soft and firm. Overall, I give Roomie 5 stars and would definitely buy from them again and I will recommend them to friends and family!

The roomie Mattress
Siegfried von Bonin


I’ve never had a better night’s sleep in my entire life. It’s like a cloud. My little nook is perfect for my size. It’s very soft and comforting. Perfect for adult sleepovers too ! A lot of bounce but no noise - good for the neighbors downstairs !!

Would recommend to all of my friends.


University Of Notre Dame Off-Campus Rental
Ryan Gregg

simply amazing. affordable, convenient and everything I needed.

Just do it already

I was nervous about getting a mattress having not tried it. I had some friends who rented from roomie in the past and told me about it. Very glad I trusted them. Price is good, product is good. Very happy.