Hi, we're roomie.

Think of us as your new favorite housemate: reliable, laid-back, and sweet.

We make catching zzzs easy. All at a price you won’t loose any sleep over.

From friends to foam.

Started by three college roommates, we wanted to make sleeping in college easier and more comfortable. Once we graduated, we saw buying a mattress for our first apartment was stressful and expensive, so we set out to change that as well.

The Mattress Industry

The mattress industry is notoriously nasty, characterized by weirdly-lit showrooms with salesmen who confuse you with obscure jargon and a million different models - all working to convince you to pay a 10x markup. We think that's messed up, and thought it was time to bring some values to the industry - see some of ours below.

Our values:
  • Transparency
    We never understood why companies don't share what their costs are. We put our money where our mouth is when it comes to quality. You can see every dollar we spend and every dollar we make.
  • Quality
    The mattress industry is notoriously confusing: tons of models, jargon, and markups. We saw that we could go to the same factories as the big players, and sell the best stuff simpler and more honestly.
  • Convenience
    Moving is stressful and difficult - we hope we can make your mattress be one fewer thing to worry about on move-in day.

Creating sleep in the city that doesn’t.

Stop by for a nap. Or a coffee.
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