Hi, we're roomie.

Think of us as your new favorite roommate: reliable, laid-back, and down to Netflix and chill.

We make catching zzzs easy. All at a price you won’t lose any sleep over.

Dorm Dreams

Dorm beds are 8 inches wider than a crib. Foam toppers are wasteful and bad for the environment. We wanted to solve both problems by providing an affordable and sustainable upgrade.

Foam Toppers are Extremely Wasteful

Over the years, we've surveyed more than 50,000 college students. Around 90% of college students purchase foam toppers and most of these toppers are thrown out every year. This creates tons of waste (literally) per school per year. We're committed to zero foam waste to ensure our campuses are as clean, happy, and healthy as possible.

Our values:
  • Wellness
    The science is unambiguous: better sleep in college means better performance (in the classroom and on the field) and better mental health.
  • Sustainability
    Foam toppers and mattress pads are some of the most wasteful items on college campuses. Our commitment to zero foam waste helps reduce waste.
  • Quality
    We're obsessed with sleep - that's why we've spent almost 10 years getting our bed just right. It's been loved by tens of thousands of renters, and we're making it better every day.
  • Convenience
    There's enough to worry about in college. Let us figure out getting your sleep sanctuary just right. Just relax, we'll handle the rest.

Creating sleep in the city that doesn’t.

Stop by for a nap. Or a coffee.
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    4th Floor
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