Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental
Roomie Rentals Dorm rental

Roomie Rentals Dorm rental

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Full Year '19 - '20 ($349) / 46-inch
Full Year '19 - '20 ($349) / 54-inch
Fall Term '19 ($250) / 46-inch
Fall Term '19 ($250) / 54-inch
Spring Term '20 ($250) / 46-inch
Spring Term '20 ($250) / 54-inch
Regular price
$ 349.00

Sale price
$ 349.00
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American Materials, Made in the USA
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Free Delivery, Free Returns
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Risk-Free Trials

So What's Inside?

Let's Get Technical
  • 1. Cooling Cover

    Our waterproof, bed-bug proof, and dust-proof cover is made of ultra-soft, permeable fabric. That means it not only feels great, but breathes - keeping you cool all night.
  • 2. Comfort Layer

    The top 2-inches of cooling gel memory foam keeps you cool while providing a bouncy top layer of comfort.
  • 3. Transition Layer

    The middle 2-inches of memory foam provides pressure relief, conforms to your body, and additional support.
  • 4. Support Layer

    The bottom layer is 6-inches of durable support foam that adds structure to ensure the edge is as comfortable as the middle.
  • 5. The School Mattress

    The school-provided mattress fits perfectly inside your roomie topper, ensuring you don't have to move or store any college furniture. Everything stays exactly where it is!

No foam waste.

Our survey of 25,000 college students found most people throw out their foam topper every year, generating millions of pounds of waste. We've committed to zero foam waste, to make sure every roomie product gets properly recycled.
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Try It Risk-Free For Half a Moon Cycle

Minds change, so that's why we want you to have time to decide if you want a new roomie. Just let us know within 14 days of receiving the bed and we'll come grab it, no questions asked.

Delivered By First Day of Classes

While we can't guarantee we can bring your bed right when you arrive, we do guarantee it arrives by the first day of classes. If you arrive super early onto campus, just let us know and we'll try our best to get your bed as quickly as possible.
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What people are saying

The service was great, the mattress was great, and not having a twin bed was amazing for sophomore year!!
Maggie S - Dartmouth '19
I loved it, honestly. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Will definitely be renting again next year.
Filip A - Johns Hopkins '21
Oh my god. SO comfy. The best bed I've ever owned! I sleep better and I've noticed that it's really helped me during a school year that's so mentally taxing. I can't wait to order one again next year!
Kelly T - Yale '19
The bed was great, perfect soft to firmness. I would highly recommend them
Kyle M - Princeton '20
It’s really comfortable and helps me sleep better
Hannah W - Bates '22

Customer Reviews

Based on 189 reviews
Life, changed

I've made a lot of bad decisions in college, but this isn't one of them. So comfortable and spacious

Have been waiting for this for so long

I can't believe I went three years in the dorms without this.


This bed is amazing! I can't believe how comfortable it is and how it really is helping me sleep through the night

Dorm feels like a real bedroom

Leaving my amazing bed is one of the hardest parts of coming back to campus. While this isn't quite as comfortable it is 100 times better than the dorm bed

Can't get enough

I'm over 6 feet and sleeping in the twin bed didn't work for me. I can finally get comfortable in bed